Splorer is a simple game similar to Boulder Dash and Heartlight. Your goal is to collect all the gold in a level while navigating through a constantly changing maze of rocks, bombs and monsters.

These are the playing instructions from the ingame help (F1):

- Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up, down, left and right.
- Press ESC to restart a level and Q to quit to title.

Other keys:
  F1           : help
  Printscreen  : take a screenshot
  F5           : console

Command line parameters:
  -w           : windowed mode
  -w2x         : quite a bit slower 2x scaled mode
  -game file   : read maps from "file"

- A small map editing utility is also included. Type 'editor' in console to enter it.
Notice: the game might not start in the default "320x240x32 fullscreen" mode or might look blurry depending on the aspect ratio of your display. This can be avoided by starting it in windowed mode by clicking the splorer_w2x.bat file on Windows and using the -w2x flag on *nix. I'll make this the default startup option in the near future.


Windows executable and data files
Source code*
*Should compile without problems atleast on these systems: Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Windows (mingw). Requires libSDL and SDL_mixer.


About the code:
This was my first 'serious' attempt at game programming (and programming in general) that I started at the end of 2007. The original goal was to get more familiar with the C language and because of this, the current source code is often quite messy and stupid. I also used the game as a test bed for various things so the code base is a bit bloated now. I suppose it could be considered to be a prototype and is in need of a bit of a overhaul.

Graphics (C) 2009-2010 jlv(at)lailanet.fi. Code released into the public domain.