Transplant - 7drl 2014

Transplant is a lightweight first person roguelike where you upgrade yourself with various body parts dropped by slain monsters. It was made for the 7 day roguelike challenge in 2014.

Game download for Windows.
Sources in Bitbucket Hg mirror.

Progress shots


It's done! After spending the last two days coughing my lungs out, I finally had enough time and energy today to work on some finishing touches. Can't say it's exactly what I had in mind when I started, but it is what it is... Download link above.


Yup, still looks pretty much the same... Was feeling a bit sick and tired today (as in flu), and didn't really get any programming done. I drew a couple of new monsters instead, which was fun.


Worked on some simple animations and tweaks today and a on screen text console. The console allows for some convenient corner cutting with UI work as you can print pretty much anything on it.


Very few visual changes today, as it was mostly spent on sketching up a loot system. Monsters now drop one of three body parts as loot when killed: arms, torso or organs. Primary stats are damage for arms, speed for torso and health regeneration for organs. Only a 'common' rarity category with randomized primary stat modifier is implemented but the plan is to add 'rare' and 'unique' categories as well. Uniques with some special abilities would be especially fun to do.



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